Four-Axis Aerial Photography Gravity Control RC Foam Fighter Plane Wholesale

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Basic version: flip function, headless mode, high and low speed switching, fine adjustment, one-button take-off and landing, emergency stop.

Aerial version: real-time image transmission, photo and video recording, gravity sensor, trajectory flight, gesture photography, etc.

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Specification data of Gravity Control Foam Fighter Plane

  • Color: Orange, Blue, Green
  • Type: Four-Axis Fixed Wing Remote Control Glider
  • Control distance: about 80 meters
  • Charging time: about 70 minutes
  • Playtime: about 6 minutes
  • Remote control: 2.4ghz proportional
  • Body battery: 3.8V/600mAh Li-ion(with protective board)
Product Name: F22 Gravity Control Plane Toys
Item NO.: FRC031678
Package: Color Box
Product Size: 18.2*12.5*4.7CM
Packing Size: 28.5*19.8*5.8 CM
MEAS.(CM): 57.8*61*58.8 CM
G.W./N.W.: 19.8/18 KGS 

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    • The RC Foam Plane is a remote control flying toys  that offers the features and functionality of two versions. Let’s introduce them further:
    • Basic Version function:
    • 1. Rollover function: The RC Foam Plane is capable of tumbling operation, adding excitement and fun to your flying experience.
    • 2. Headless Mode: This feature allows you to easily control the movement of your plane toy regardless of its direction, suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots.
    • 3.High and Low Speed Switching: You can adjust the speed of the rc foam plane to match your flying skills or navigate different environments.
    • 4.Fine-tuning: The rc plane provides precise control settings to make flight movements smooth and accurate.
    • 5. One-click takeoff and landing: With this function, you can easily launch the toy plane into the air or return to the ground, which is convenient and user-friendly.
    • 6. Emergency Stop: If any unexpected situation occurs, the RC foam plane has an emergency stop function, which can stop flying immediately.
    • Aerial version function:
    • 1. Real-time image transmission: This version of the RC Foam Plane offers live video streaming, allowing you to see a bird’s-eye view from the aircraft’s perspective on your connected device.
    • 2. Photo and Video Recording: Use the rc fighter planes built-in camera to capture stunning photos and videos during the flight.
    • 3. Gravity sensor: The G-Sensor feature lets you control the movement of your plane toy by tilting your connected device for an intuitive, immersive flying experience.
    • 4. Track flight: You can use the track flight function to set a flight path for the flying plane toy, allowing the aircraft to automatically fly along the predetermined route.
    • 5. Gesture photography: The gesture photography function allows you to take photos by simply making specific gestures, adding a touch of interactivity to your aerial photography.
    • In terms of protective measures, the RC foam fighter plane has a number of safeguards in place to ensure safe operation:
    • Charger protection measures:
    • 1. Anti-overcharge protection: The charger is equipped with a protection mechanism to prevent the aircraft battery from overcharging and ensure the life and safety of the aircraft battery.
    • 2. Short circuit protection: The charger has a built-in protection device that detects and prevents short circuits, reducing the risk of damage to the aircraft and charger.
    • Product battery protection measures:
    • 1. Anti-overcharge protection: The RC Foam Plane has built-in protection to avoid overcharging the battery, preventing potential damage and extending its lifespan.
    • 2. Protection against over-discharge: Likewise, aircraft batteries are protected against over-discharge, ensuring their longevity and preventing irreversible damage.
    • Aircraft protective measures:
    • 1. Stuck Protection: The RC foam plane has a stuck protection function, which means that the aircraft will automatically turn off the motor when it gets stuck or encounters an obstacle during flight, preventing damage to the plane or propeller.
    • 2. Low voltage protection: This protection measure ensures that when the battery voltage falls below a certain level, the aircraft automatically lands or prompts the pilot to land, preventing the aircraft from crashing due to insufficient battery.
    • With these features and protection measures, the RC Foam Plane offers an enjoyable and safe flying experience.
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